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Email to a Friend. Falcon Enamelware is a world leader in producing the finest quality enamelware. Falcon Tumblers are simple and classic, and perfect for kids because they don’t break. They come in a set of four. Falcon Enamelware is classic cookware, it is beautiful, simple, and well designed. It is light weight, hard wearing and easy to clean. Made from porcelain enamel fused onto heavy gauge steel, it is durable with a smooth finish. Falcon Enamelware is instantly recognisable as a design classic.

Limoges enamel

So, it can’t be antique as it’s not years old yet. Get the best deal for Collectible Tobacco Tins from the largest online selection at eBay. Old Collectable Tins. The main purpose of these containers was to store oil used in the lubrication of machine parts and in the early days they could have been acquisitioned from nearly any gas station. We love vintage, retro, antique, old, classic!.

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Old antique cans

Had a big blue speckled pan I used to build jars and lids, don’t know what happened to it. I have several pieces of European enamelware, mostly from Eastern Europe, a few from France. So thanks for the info.

For those who don’t know, enameling is the process of fusing glass to metal, and enamelware are dishes that are made from enameled steel (as.

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Enamelware Is Having a Moment: Here Are 11 Pieces You Should Add to Your Kitchen

Think about enamel kitchen utensils today, and you probably imagine something coated all over in enamel. That certainly wasn’t the case in the early years. To begin with, cooking pots were lined inside with enamel, but they looked like any other cast iron on the outside.

Title: Enamelware Plates; Contributor Names: Harrell, Alfred (Photographer); Created / Published: October, ; Subject Headings: Washington, D.C.

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Antique wonderful enamelware

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Wonderful French antique enameled coffeepot dating early ‘s, brown background and thick enamel hand painted pansies in tones of yellow, mauve, lilac.

Australian House and Garden. Hear the word enamel and you’ll probably be brought back to a family camping trip you went on years ago. Everyone’s roasting marshmallows and sipping Billy tea out of a set of white and blue enamel mugs. These days, the versatile material is making a comeback, but this time, it’s not just for camping.

Scratch resistant, impossible to shatter and now available in an endless array of colours and patterns, enamel is being used in more creative ways than ever before. Sure, an enamel dish may chip if knocked over, but this will only add to the item’s charm and relaxed appeal. For the owners of Willow Farm Homestead , this enamel jug-turned-vase is a sentimental family heirloom.

Its dents and chips only add to the piece’s charm and sense of history.

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This suggest a date range of , considering a five year “lag time” for the a food jar and a liquor or wine bottle; and a large, white enamel ware kettle.

Limoges enamel has been produced at Limoges , in south-western France , over several centuries up to the present. There are two periods when it was of European importance. After a gap of a century, the industry revived in the late 15th century, now specializing in the technique of painted enamel, and within a few decades making rather more secular than religious pieces.

In the French Renaissance it was the leading centre, with several dynastic workshops, who often signed or punchmarked their work. In both periods the largest pieces include narrative scenes. These exemplify the styles of their respective periods. In the Mannerist painted pieces numerous figures and detailed backgrounds tend to overwhelm the activity of the main figures. After a decline from about , and later competition from porcelain , high-quality production revived in the midth century, and adopted Art Nouveau and other contemporary styles, with a relatively small production.

But Limoges still received orders for important pieces for cathedrals or royal patrons, especially in the 12th and 13th centuries, and there were a range of qualities of work available. The industry was already in decline by , when the brutal sack of the city after the Siege of Limoges by the English, led by Edward the Black Prince , effectively ended it. Limoges enamel was usually applied on a copper base, but also sometimes on silver or gold.

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